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I'm Emily, I'm 18, and I live in Fayetteville Arkansas
Live with your parents? no sir
Drugs you've tried: pot, shrooms, lsd, coke, numerious pills, ecstasy
Drugs you want to try: I dont know, i think i'll stick to what i'm doing now
Worst drug: That i've had? I took some speed based ecstasy once and the comedown was hell. Worst drug of all? meth.
Your best drug related story: For my friend Sarah's 18th birthday we all bought acid and tripped in my friend Elise's room. We took at at midnight so we were gone allll night and well into the morning hours. We would watch Lucas draw on the Magna-Doodle for hours because the lines would never stay in place. I don't know, it was amazing.
Political views? democrat..i guess
Sexual orientation: straight
Longest trip: from about 10pm to 2pm
Shortest trip: four hours
Can you hackysack? haha, no.


Favourite drug: pot and shroomies
Favourite piece (pics?): the motherfucker
Favourite smoking buddy (pics?): Kelly

Favourite munchies: As long as its food, i'll eat it.
Favourite activity to do while tripping: I like to draw when i'm on drugs.
Favourite stoner movie? oh shit, no idea i love too many
Favourite famous druggie: Sigmund Freud


Meth: i dont like it. I think its really trashy
Legalization of marijuana: please!
Subliminal messages: We once wrote a song about subliminal messages....


2-15 pictures of you:

on the very right

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