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Sparky / 21 on May 30 / Oberlin, OH
Live with your parents? i'm a college student, and i currently live in a co-op, but i guess when i go home i live with my parents. i plan on moving out when I graduate.
Drugs you've tried: weed/hash, mushrooms, lsd, lsa, 2c-e, 2c-i, 2c-b, 5-meo-dmt, methylphenidate, amphetamine, dextroamphetamine, meth, cocaine, crack, mdma, mda, modafinil (provigil), codeine, hydrocodone, oxycodone, morphine, opium, assorted benzos, ketamine, dxm, nitrous, ethyl chloride, ether, salvia... i think that's it.
Drugs you want to try: dmt, amt, dipt, foxy, lots of other synthetic psychedelics... i really love psychedelics
Worst drug: meth probably. it's cheap, fun, and incredibly addictive and incredibly bad for you.. recipe for disaster.
Your best drug related story: the best stories are the ones i don't remember...
Political views? very liberal. i am a very strong supporter of individual civil rights and freedoms, which includes freedom over what you want to do with your own body and mind. i do not necessarily identify as a "democrat", though i am registered to vote as one.
Sexual orientation: i like people.
Longest trip: on drugs? i guess probably like 18 hours or so, i keep tripping until i sleep...
Shortest trip: i'd say about 30 seconds, if salvia counts.
Can you hackysack? not at all.


Favourite drug: marijuana in general, lsd for special occasions
Favourite piece (pics?): this is eliot, his ear has been fixed since this photo was taken:

Favourite smoking buddy (pics?): probably my friend JP...

Favourite munchies: cheese!
Favourite activity to do while tripping: listen to music, wander around and look at pretty things, draw...
Favourite stoner movie? maybe the Big Lebowski; there are lots though
Favourite famous druggie: Alexander Shulgin
Favourite joke: i don't really know very many jokes


Meth: well, on the one hand, it's hella fun, relatively cheap, and relatively easy to make.. but on the other hand, it's incredibly addictive, neurotoxic, physiologically damaging, incredibly dangerous to make, not to mention fun side effects like amphetamine psychosis... so, in general, i'd say it's one of the more dangerous drugs out there.
Legalization of marijuana: obviously, yes. in general the war on drugs has been highly ineffective, and legalization of marijuana would make it cheaper, safer, and separate it from the black market... it would result in less crime, less wasted government resources, and less association of marijuana with other drugs (which would totally kill the "gateway drug" theory, which is bullshit anyhow...) legalized hemp cultivation would also be very beneficial, because it's such a versatile plant... i could go on and on.
Subliminal messages: everything is a subliminal message.

Community related

How did you find us? drug_icons
Promote three places (will become 2 once we get more members) and show the links: no. if you want to reject me based on my failure to spam my personal journal or the communities i'm in (which is generally against the rules of them, anyhow) with advertisements, then go ahead, but i just don't feel like this is necessary.
Make a banner (optional, points if we use it): i might later, if you guys want.


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