Samantha Juran K. (quotationistic) wrote in we_want_lsd,
Samantha Juran K.

We live in a fictitious time


Name/Age/Location: Sam/14/Arkansas
Live with your parents? Unfortunately, yes.
Drugs you've tried: Marijuana, Valium, Nicotine, Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seeds (LSA)
Drugs you want to try: LSD, Ritalin, Ecstacy, Stavia
Worst drug: Methamphetamine
Your best drug related story: First high. Lots of hysterical giggling and wiggling rainbows and I was out in the hallway yelling at my friend's dogs because I suspected they secretly understood me but pretended not to.
Political views? I want a real democracy.
Sexual orientation: Bisexual
Longest trip: LSA. Lasted 18 hours.
Shortest trip: My marijuana trips usually last about 2 hours.
Can you hackysack? Pretty well when I am not stoned out of my mind.


Favourite drug: Umm...I would say LSA but the nausiousness was pretty bad so I guess marijuana.
Favourite piece (pics?): My blown glass pipe.
Favourite smoking buddy (pics?): Tiana, my friend.
Favourite munchies: Flaming Hot Cheeto Puffs. Nuff said.
Favourite activity to do while tripping: Look up at the stars, or play guitar hero, or listen to music
Favourite stoner movie? Rolling Kansas.
Favourite famous druggie: Uhm..I am gonna say Jimi Hendrix.
Favourite joke: I don't find jokes funny for some reason. i have never laughed out loud at a joke.


Meth: Never tried it.
Legalization of marijuana: I'm all for it. It is just about as harmful as cigarettes and alcohol. maybe even less. Why not legalize?
Subliminal messages: I am agianst them.

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How did you find us? LJ intrest search.
Promote three places (will become 2 once we get more members) and show the links: ismokeweed stonerscirclehippys4u
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