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we live in a fictitious time.

-Name/Age/Location: emmie/14/connecticut
-Live with your parents? its a bummer, but yes.
-Drugs you've tried: maryjay, tripple c's, oxycontin, nicotine
-Drugs you want to try: lsd, salvia, x, shrooms, speed, adderall
-Worst drug: heroine or pcp. they scare me.
-Your best drug related story: packed a bowl at my friends house, took 13 tripple c's and got -stoned out of my brains. we walked around and the snow felt very very warm so we sat on it for four hours in the woods talking about dying. it really opened my eyes.
-Political views? fuck the system.
-Sexual orientation: straight.
-Longest trip: 12 hours.
-Shortest trip: sometimes i get shit weed that lasts less than an hour.
-Can you hackysack? i wish!

-Favourite drug: maryjane<3333
-Favourite piece (pics?): i smoke out of a mouse-shaped bowl that my friend has.
-Favourite smoking buddy (pics?): ashley.
-Favourite munchies: actually, i dont get them really bad. but i get cotton mouth so i drink a TON of water afterwards.
-Favourite activity to do while tripping: listen to pink floyd.
-Favourite stoner movie? the yellow submarine!<3
-Favourite famous druggie: jimi hendrix, bob marley, sid vicious.
-Favourite joke: im not sure. i dont really laugh at jokes, im more of a sarcastic person.

-Meth: perhaps someday ill try it. its not really on my to-do list.
-Legalization of marijuana: yes yes yes! its a PLANT for god sake!
-Subliminal messages: i think the whole idea of them is really pretty fascinating.

-How did you find us? i searched "salvia" in interests.
-Promote three places and show the links:

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