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hallucinations, we want lsd

hallucinations, we want lsd

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must be 14+.
if you join and harrass members, you're outta here!
don't comment on any other entry until you have been stamped by a mod or co-mod.
this IS a rating community and you be be RATED. if you bitch and piss about it, don't expect good results.
peace, love, and unity are words you live by in here. save drama for high school.
put "WE LIVE IN A FICTITIOUS TIME" as the subject line in your
application so we know you read the rules.
don't delete your application if we say no.

post as many pictures as you possibly can.
stay active; tell us a story on a slow day.
do the themes and activities!
promote a lot, the more the marrier!
don't get into fights with other members.
post all large pictures behind an lj-cut.
put "yes" or "no" in the subject line when voting on applicants. "sway me" votes are annoying, but may be used if really necessary.

Name: Chloe
Age: 16
Location: Rhode Island
AIM: peace valentino

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Name: Iania
Age: 17
Location: Bulgaria
AIM: ruddnattion

We_want_LSD has a different theme every week and different activites all the time.
November 22-29: post pictures of you with things that you see daily that trip you out! Could be posters in your room, trippy visuals in nature, anything!


brand new second smoke
drugs related rating community!
join today =) we_want_lsd

hallucinations, we want LSD!

Chloe's Application

no one yet! :)